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And the story of Nick continues...
Announcing Level 2 Gamification Certification
This time, Lou and Lindsey help Nick out. 

Meet your guides: 

He completed Level 1, 
and now wants to go to the next level
World-class Gamification Explorer 
is ready to help Nick
World-class Gamification Explorer 
is ready to help Nick
Level 2: Sententia Gamification Journeyman

A Progressive Engagement Adventure

Led by Gamification and Behaviors change gurus Lou and Lindsey

It's been some time since Level 1 certification. You've applied some of what you learned, and isn't it true you've also forgotten a few things. Now you're excited to take the next step... Level 2 Certification

Using the Sententia 7-stage Gamification Strategic Framework™, you will progress through The World of Sententia Gamification
This is like no other conference or workshop that you’ve been to. The Level 2 Gamification Certification is designed to leave you creatively inspired and technically masterful. You’ll be exhausted and exhilarated when you've completed the training. For those reasons, this certification is reserved for those like you who are truly committed to mastery.

When you have our Level 2 Certificate you will be recognized as a gamification specialist among talent development professionals. Holding a certified gamification professional credential serves as a visible acknowledgment of your demonstrated mastery of core gamification principles and that you possess the skills essential for the best practices of talent development. 

Plus, Sententia is the ONLY Gamification Certification that earns you recertification credits with HRCI, SHRM, and ATD.

Whether you are a new or seasoned learning professional, this certification will help you to quickly learn how to adapt a gamification strategy for your programs. NO CODING SKILLS REQUIRED!

BUT… you do need to be prepared to play FULL OUT. Then you will DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your L&D results and SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE your credibility and influence.
You’ll improve your confidence, make more convincing pitches to the C-team, and lead your colleagues and co-workers with an articulate vision. 

For more info on Sententia Certifications please visit

Your Real-World Facilitators...

Monica Cornetti
Jonathan Peters, PhD
Sententia Level 2 Certification
The Level 2 Certification – Gamification Journeyman program is a blended virtual program with your quests available to you anywhere and at any time. This flexible way of learning allows you to design your course schedule around your life. It also earns you recertification* credits with HRCI, SHRM, and ATD.

Description: Hands-on and self-directed, this course takes you through the 7-stage Sententia Gamification Design Framework. You will explore AND apply game mechanics (such as points, levels, challenges, rewards, chance, collaboration) linked to core human desires such as power, status, relationships, autonomy, power, and purpose. This blended modality provides an ideal adult learning environment as you: 
    ~ Experience gamification mechanics
    ~ Receive feedback on your progress
    ~ Develop your skills
    ~ Earn recognition
    ~ And build confidence in your ability to overcome design challenges

Agenda: By the end of this 12-hour certification program, through our proven reverse engineering process, you will be able to map the Sententia Gamification Design Framework to a case study, assess best practices, and demonstrate applied competence in the application of gamification strategy design to talent development.

    ~ Identify the course objectives and outcomes
    ~ Review the structure of the blended virtual format
    ~ Explore the new quest
    ~ Meet the other students and instructors
    ~ Log into the collaborative work platform
    ~ Meet the characters who will guide your journey
    ~ Schedule the Reiss profile assessment.

    ~ Examine business objective
    ~ Identify why we are playing
    ~ Recognize your blindspots
    ~ Investigate game design theory and implications to gamification design
    ~ Assess best practices and areas for improvement in a gamification project model

    ~ Profile your players who are involved in the quest
    ~ Detail their role
    ~ Experience motivational interviews and the Reiss Motivation Profile™
    ~ Assess best practices and areas for improvement in a gamification project model

    ~ Define tangible behaviors that are required to meet your business objectives
    ~ Establish exactly what players need to do to get a measurable metric
    ~ Learn how to build on existing habits
    ~ Design a process to track and measure behaviors
    ~ Explore tools to measure ROI and ROE
    ~ Assess best practices and areas for improvement in a gamification project model

    ~ Research and engage with the definitions and psychology of fun
    ~ Explore the use of a variety of game mechanics and their application in gamification design
    ~ Identify the "sweet spot" of motivation, reward, pain-aversion, opportunity, need fulfillment, and social context through a variety of well-planned game mechanics
    ~ Assess best practices and areas for improvement in a gamification project model

    ~ Create the player journey for the players to achieve the business objectives
    ~ Establish clear goals and define progress
    ~ Determine how and where to give feedback
    ~ Weigh the perceived challenge against the perceived level of skill needed
    ~ Begin a rapid prototype for a mockup of the UX/UI design
    ~ Assess best practices and areas for improvement in a gamification project model

    ~ Research the different technologies that can be used for your player journeys
    ~ Review and refine your prototype
    ~ Iterate the storyline
    ~ Test the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)
    ~ Finalize the project plan
    ~ Assess best practices and areas for improvement in a gamification project model.

Outcome: Upon completion of the Level 2 Certification you will achieve Gamification Journeyman status through a demonstration of understanding of the components used to apply the Sententia Gamification Design Framework as a strategic overlay to the learning and talent development.

The goal of attending this workshop is for you to decide how gamification mechanics impact learning, which mechanics were most valuable to you, increase your applied competence through testing your knowledge gained, and applying the key concepts found in game design and behavioral psychology to demonstrate proof of concept. 
By adding the Sententia Gamification Design Framework to your learning and talent development strategies, you will increase employee engagement, help change behaviors (like absenteeism and boredom from perceived meaningless tasks) while offering meaning, mastery, and autonomy.

*Recertification Credits: One Credit, PDC, or Point, is awarded for each contact hour of continuing education that meet Recertification Guidelines, for a total of 12 for this course. Please review your Recertification Guidelines posted at, or

Is now the time to take your learning to the next level?
In this workshop, you will analyze, design, and review a Gamification case study, and demonstrate applied competence in the Sententia Strategic Gamification Framework™. You'll be equipped with what you need to create more engaging Talent Development programs. You'll be recognized as an industry leader, and your company and players will thank you. 

It all begins today...
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